Cyclonopedia (2008, Re.Press) 3 stars

Cyclonopedia is theoretical-fiction novel by Iranian philosopher and writer Reza Negarestani. Hailed by novelists, philosophers …

desert demonologistics

3 stars

"Outright slaughter". (Dr. Hamid Parsani)

"The rigorous psychosis of experimental writing". (Reza Negarestani)

Delirious pulp collapsing "mad black Deleuzianism" and Weird Fiction tropes, distilling the result through an alchemical obsession with petrochemical geo-politik and desert demonology. Emerging adjacent to the CCRU cyber-occulture, Cyclonopedia feels like a polytemporal artefact / a cybernetic Wasteland gothic scatter-shot through with Middle Eastern theology→mythology.

Negarestani's embryonic theory-fiction unfolds in a Chthonic fractal of lunatic neologisms, feverishly punctuated by cryptic schematics. It's a textual blood-feast, merging the cosmic (external) terror of Lovecraft with the earthbound (internal) trauma of b-movie body-horror.

Reading like a Solomonic grimoire extracted from an oil pipeline, this is an unholy→hol(e)y text for post-structural Priests / a set of maddening rites and observances drafted to aid in the ontological exorcism of tellurian sentience. A fringe archaeological manuscript documenting a solar conspiracy to "accelerate the Earth towards a union with the Sun in an …