Disloyal : A Memoir (Hardcover, 2020, SKYHORSE, Skyhorse) 4 stars

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4 stars

Ghostwritten, I assume, since he mentions getting a ghost writer when he was going to write a book that praises Trump, but quite entertaining. He says we'll hate him but I did not for most of the book. It's told as the sorrowful tale of one who was in a cult, now out seeing the error of his ways. His love for Trump is convincing even as he sees the horribleness he is part of. I believe all his stories and his portrait of Trump certainly matches all the evidence and what I've read in [b:Rage|53317913|Rage|Bob Woodward||81657197] which I read at the same time. When he finally gets arrested I was pleased to see him suffer, if even that can be believed. Is this a book of a reformed man? Or just a vengeful hit job? Hard to tell, especially since it's ghosted so I can't get close …