Dark Matter (2016) 4 stars

Dark Matter is a science fiction thriller novel by American writer Blake Crouch, first published …

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3 stars

Effortless to read, requiring more effort to stop reading, and yet I need to complain about a few things--plot things that bothered me. Though I could perhaps be consoled to know there are other universes in which the plot proceeds more to my liking.

If identity is nature plus nurture, those Jasons who branched off recently should be nearly identical to the one narrating our story and yet they seem too different. How much can one change in less than a month? Sometimes less than a day? An hour? For there are several Jason 1s who have split off even in the length of time it took to drive to the abandoned power station. Even going through extreme circumstances couldn't make that big a difference. Jason2 having split off 15 years ago with his ambition could presumably be different, be murderous, but since he dabbled in universe switching, there are …