Becoming (Hardcover, 2018, Crown Publishing Group) 5 stars

IN A LIFE filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of …

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4 stars

I want to be consistent with my policy to review actual books rather than vote for political points of view but it is difficult because I am a "fan" of Michelle the person and because with the dark age of our current political climate (which is not remarked upon until the last few percent as Kindles measure these things) everything is distorted. I am a naturally negative person and Ms. Obama is the opposite and just continues "becoming" rather than dwelling on the difficulties and one would have to have that attitude in order to succeed as she did. Other reviewers complained that she seems too perfect in this book but I think it's not because she is being dishonest but because of her positive focus.

As a book, it was never boring and I never wanted to skip ahead. I avoid much of the daily news/entertainment culture so I got to learn for the first time things that everyone else probably already knew (such as how she met Barack). She is willing to talk about such taboo subjects as couples counseling and skipping out on the Secret Service in order to get a little peace. She manages to find only good things to say about the Bushes and can talk about Joe Biden without bringing up Anita Hill (which I couldn't do.)

No, she doesn't create the kind of intimacy that Isaac Misrahi could in [b:I.M.: A Memoir|26072943|I.M. A Memoir|Isaac Mizrahi||46010272] (which I read overlapping with this memoir) and it's not [b:Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance|88061|Dreams from My Father A Story of Race and Inheritance|Barack Obama||86032]either so it couldn't get that 5th star. But it was obviously written by a person and not by a hired flack, which if you're in the political arena, is saying a lot.