Our Tragic Universe (2010, Canongate Books) 3 stars

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4 stars

I would probably have the same flowers as Meg in my Bach flower remedy. Also, like Meg, I would not necessarily want to remedy anything. Still, one has to be curious about things, unless perhaps you're not, but in that case, you probably shouldn't read this book.

Not to say your curiosity would be satisfied if you did. That's not the point. The curiosity itself is the point. Or maybe there is no point. If there were a point, it would be up to science to describe it, or maybe just labeling it with the last letter of the Greek alphabet and adding in some mathematics should suffice, but then we would be talking about Kelsey Newman's book, which we can't ever read because like Zeb Ross, he doesn't really exist. But he does exist as a character in this book, one who we never get to actually see. Zeb …