Mark Lawrence: The Girl and the Stars (Hardcover, 2020, Ace) 3 stars

In the ice, east of the Black Rock, there is a hole into which broken …

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2 stars

Everything every elder has ever said to you about getting old is true...and none of it will mean anything to you until you have made the journey for yourself.

I really enjoy how Mark Lawrence writes but I have a history of not finishing his series. The Book of the Ancestor is the only one I have made to the end and the others were abandoned after the first or second book. I wanted Book of the Ice to be one I saw to the end but it wasn't meant to be.

I didn't find a connection with the story, the characters and their conflict and as I'm reading I found it more of a chore and not a pleasurable retreat and began to question how much longer I could stick with it. Unfortunately I end Book of the Ice after one book and will try another Mark Lawrence story down the road.