Why greatness cannot be planned (2015) 4 stars

Why does modern life revolve around objectives? From how science is funded, to improving how …

Review of 'Why greatness cannot be planned' on 'GoodReads'

4 stars

Read this on a friend's recommendation. The title is a bit clickbait-y, but the author is very careful to qualify his claims.

The main message is that, when faced with complicated problems, singlemindedly going after an objective can and will get you stuck in dead ends. He argues that since complicated problems don't have an obvious solution it's very likely that the next towards the solution is not actually directly closer to your objective. Makes sense to me - I think my main takeaway is to think about whether an objective makes sense in the individual situations I run into.

There are some pretty interesting thought experiments in here, and a fun new way to look at decision-making - while at some points I felt like this book dragged (the middle), it's very short and skimmable. Definitely worth a read.