Seed to Harvest (2007, Grand Central Publishing) 4 stars

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3 stars

All four books in this series had quite different feels and it's certainly possible to enjoy the books as standalones. If I were to only read one, it would be Wild Seed.

Wild Seed: Wow! A real interesting power struggle between two supernatural humans who have a complicated and at times abusive relationship. A lot of bad things happen to good people, and Octavia Butler has a real good way of making you feel truly awful when someone you care about is coerced into doing something.

Mind of My Mind: I spent most of this book wishing that the cool characters from Wild Seed would have bigger roles. But the main character in this book was, I thought, somewhat flat - and her conflicts never seemed particularly threatening or interesting. I guess there was a lot of ink from the perspective of someone who wanted to control people and not …