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Librarian. Computational handyperson. Geminaut. :anarchist_flag: 🌳

Not here to "debate" random tech bros.

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I notice newly arrived academics declaring that now they have discovered ActivityPub, academic publishing and its power structures will be changed forever.

Thirty one years after the creation of the World Wide Web might be as good a time as any to understand that its not the technology that is holding back scholarly communication.

If your community is based on a legacy hierarchy of arbitrary prestige and exploitation, it doesn't matter whether you publish on paper, blockchain, or ActivityPub.

When you start using a new communication tool, you don't have to try to replicate the social graph and culture of tools you have used before. You can remake yourself!

Think about how previous platforms prompted you to behave, and whether that's really how you want to live your life.

Just thinking about how much David Graeber would have loved this week.

American plutocrats setting fire to their wallets whilst the people they thought they'd captured simply turn to volunteer cooperatives for their social communication needs.

If you run a @federate” bot I expect you to respect the in my profile. i.e. Do not follow my account.

Federation bots are both inconsiderate and completely unnecessary and I’m seriously considering whether to take action against servers that allow poorly-behaved bots to operate. Interested in any thoughts.

Discovery is really difficult on Email. I can’t just put a name in the “to” field and search for everyone in the world with email unless my mail server already knows about the account.

Doesn’t seem to be anything to stop someone else using or either — that’s an issue.

I hope the Email devs can do something about these problems otherwise email will never be viable.

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I finished my generic ActivityPub external follow tool:

As you can see, you need to specify your username and instance in the query strings.

I think this solves a real issue, especially for more esoteric AP instances.

I've tested it with pleroma, mastodon, misskey, and the WordPress AP plugin. If you can test it with something else, please do. Report issues here: