Extinction Internet (EBook, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam) 3 stars

"How to salvage the ‘techno social’...without falling back into offline romanticism?"

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Lovink writes like Adorno - a steady march of aphorisms, arranged in paragraphs. This is worth reading for a set of observations about how to reimagine the internet after platforms:

"The proposition here is a renewed notion of social networks with an emphasis on caring, tools for intergenerational computation that serve problem-resolution on all levels of the stack of crises. This is embedded thinking in which the question no longer is what we can do with the never-ending stream of downloadable apps that come and go from TikTok, Ethereum, Dall-E, Zoom and Clubhouse to BeReal and their hidden extractivism agendas. Let’s stop building Web3 solutions for problems that do not exist and launch tools that decolonize, redistribute value, conspire and organize." (48)