Zadie Smith: NW (2012) 4 stars

NW is a 2012 novel by British author Zadie Smith. It takes its title from …

Review of 'NW' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

The only way I can describe this book is exuberant. Full of life, humor and a realistic view of people and places. Telling the story of some folks in northwest London, in particular, two life long friends Leah and Natalie. Both have their insecurities, but cover them up as best they can, even to their bestie.

I can see why, perhaps, some folks might not like it though but because of why I really like it. It tells its story in a variety of ways, reminscent of Stevenson's Baroque trilogy. Internal dialogs, normal story telling, flow of consciousness, a screenplay, you name it. It takes a bit of work but the payoff is well worth it.

Natalie's chapters did get a bit tiring after a while. She has a serious case of imposter syndrome and has a hard time figuring out who she is and what she is. And sadly both her and Leah decide putting a good face on is more important than opening up to their best friend, perhaps the only other person who could really help.

I am definitely going to be looking to read more of Ms. Smith's work. A unique talent, telling an interesting story. 4.5 stars rounded up!