Boneshaker (2009, Tor) 3 stars

In the early days of the Civil War, rumors of gold in the frozen Klondike …

Review of 'Boneshaker' on 'Goodreads'

2 stars

This will be a fairly short review as I have to admit I didn't finish the book. Heck, I didn't even make it halfway through it, sadly enough.

It tells the story of a woman and her son, as he tries to find out more about his father, inventor of the Bone-Shaking Drill Engine, in an alternative 1880s, which feature steam engines and dirigibles. Then engine went crazy, released some sort of gas that turned much of Seattle into a city of the undead.

16 years after these events, the boy decides (why? We're not sure) to head into the city to see their old house. The mother finds out and heads in to save him. Through a series of already hard to believe events, she can't use the same way in, so she gets to fly in.

Both characters made me think of the author - they are all …