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He/him. Animador mexicano. // // 5 & 4.5😍 4 & 3.5🤩 3 & 2.5🙂 2 & 1.5😑 1 🤮

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@mouse The only time I've read this book I could not stand it. To this date it is a book that I know deserves a second chance for me to form a better opinion of it, since I read it as a teenager, but I just hated how much it felt like a waste of time, when the story is only actually like 100 pages long out of the 400 or so the book has. I know that in its historical context, in the 1800s, most people had never seen a whale, so the descriptions make sense for the reader to have an idea of what the narrator talks about, but in the modern day it just didn't vibe with me. Reading comments like yours make me wonder if I missed something and I just became too fed up with the endless whale facts to truly enjoy it, and make …