Sword of Destiny (2015) 4 stars

Collects short stories following the adventures of magical hero Geralt.

"Geralt is a witcher, a …

Review of 'Sword of Destiny' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

The Witcher, the Sword of destiny is the second collection of short stories by Sapkowski.
It discusses various ethical, moral, and unnatural subjects, such as what makes someone a monster, and a big recurrent motive is destiny. Does it exist? Are peoplebreally destined for each other?
I like the way Sapkowski implies that destiny can only exist when people believe, and strive for it; more is needed than just destiny for destiny to happen. And I think personal beliefs and faith is required for destiny to happen.

Either way, the book really goes more in depth of Geralt as a character, and it elucidates his reluctance to take certain jobs. For example, in "a shard of ice" he ultimately decides to reject a job, because he doesn't perceive certain species as "monsters", due to them having a consciousness.

Ultimately, I'll give it a 4/5.