reviewed Priests Of Mars by Graham McNeill (Forges of Mars, #1)

Graham McNeill: Priests Of Mars (2012, Black Library) No rating

Legend tells of a foolhardy expedition, led by the radical Magos Telok, which ventured out …

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No rating

I got quite lost in this book. I found myself drifting off in my own thoughts more than I remember doing with basically any other book. It feels like very comforting background nonsense all the talk of mechanicus this and vast sprawling that and such. But at one point I discovered that some characters turned out to be opposing some other characters instead of being another faction on the same ship-world... fleet...? And that's just because of some unique characteristics, definitely not by names. Those are all the same to me in this. Now I'm not sure if I should re-read it assuming I was maybe too tired to listen to it, or go on to listen to the next one, and just float in it without following plot.