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Orc Haven (EBook, 2018) 4 stars

The great war is over. The Dark Queen has fallen, slain by a dwarven champion …

Sweet fantasy story

4 stars

I read a lot of dark fantasy, and it was refreshing to find a story that focused more on hope and rebuilding in the aftermath of the Dark One’s defeat. This was charming tale featuring farming, reconciliation, parenting, figuring out how to be your own kind of leader, and an adorable queer romance. I noticed a few editing lapses, but nothing serious enough to significantly impact my enjoyment.

A Taste of Gold and Iron (Paperback, 2023, Tordotcom) 4 stars

Solid fantasy romance

5 stars

I really liked the first half of this book. The latter part sidelined many of my favorite plot elements in order to focus almost exclusively on the romance, which isn’t my thing; this book may be a better choice for readers more into pure romance. Lovely writing, though, and very sympathetic characters as well.