Spook Country (2007, Putnam Adult) 3 stars

Tito is in his early twenties. Born in Cuba, he speaks fluent Russian, lives in …

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2 stars

As a sequel to "Pattern Recognition", this felt like a let-down to me. It lacked focus and it ended with way too many threads that were left unexplored. One of them is the concept of locative art (a mirrorworld term for our augmented reality), so much potential left unexplored. The multi-layer stream of bits and pieces ebbing and flowing in and out of the story could be an attempt to show the world-in-flux; it didn't work for me.

Maybe the novel is in itself a kind of locative art, only meant to be experienced in the specific period it was written, else its subtle nuances of that reality in time would not be appreciated by those from a different time, at a different place. Maybe if I'd read it in 2007, while living in the post-911 reality of US, I could appreciate more the patterns exposed.