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used to read a lot of books years ago, now my focus is kinda ruined but maybe this will help me a bit

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Jason Hickel: Less Is More (2021, Penguin Random House) 5 stars

The world has finally awoken to the reality of climate breakdown and ecological collapse. Now …

the introduction does not present new pieces of information, like, I've read papers and reports on the 6th mass extinction, biodiversity loss, climate scenarios, catastrophic forecasts, warnings by hundreds of scientists, etc, it's not new information, but reading it again synthesized in the span of a few pages is gut-wrenching

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Jenny Hval: Girls Against God (2020, Verso Fiction) 3 stars

At once a time-travelling horror story and a fugue-like feminist manifesto, this is a singular, …

No one asks why I hate, no one uses that word, they call me grumpy, not even angry, but grumpy, six letters, something inconsequential and self-inflicted, something powerless, insignificant, something small in a small person, not something that's about society, or about them, just something that means I'm ruining things for myself, something that's in the way of my potential as an object.

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Merlin Sheldrake: Entangled Life (Hardcover, 2020, Random House Publishing Group) 4 stars

There is a lifeform so strange and wondrous that it forces us to rethink how …

For Trevor Goward, the curator of the lichen collection at the University of British Columbia, the extreme tolerances of lichens are an example of what he calls the “lichening rod effect.” Lichens invite flashes of insight, or“supercharged understanding” in Goward’s words. The lichening rod effect describes what happens when lichens strike familiar concepts, splintering them into new forms. The idea of symbiosis is one such example. Survival in space is another, as is the threat that lichens pose to systems of biological classification. “Lichens tell us things about life,” Goward exclaimed to me.“They inform us.”

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“lichening rod effect” is my new favorite expression