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Review of 'Wilding' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I found Wilding really informative and interesting, though obviously a lot of the facts are rather depressing. It particularly made me realise how insect-free my life is now compared to when I was growing up, and what that is doing to our birds and other creatures.

That being said, her descriptions of wildlife are really evocative and enjoyable, and inspired me to take a trip to Knepp while reading the book. It was lovely to see it in person, and as she describes it is so different to see large animals like cows and deer in that environment. I am now much more interested in seeking out some ways to get involved in conservation and rewilding.

The one thing I struggled with in the book was the author's sense of entitlement to vast sums of government support. Being an inherited land owner should not mean you are entitled to even more wealth bestowed by the state. Rather than her recommendation of new financial incentives for land owners to rewild, I think removing subsidies that do environmental harm and instead funding projects on public land would be a much more equitable approach.