1984 (Paperback, 1963, Signet) 4 stars

The year 1984 has come and gone, but George Orwell's prophetic, nightmarish vision in 1949 …

Horrifyingly Excellent

5 stars

Absolutely excellent book, a must read for everyone in my opinion. It does get a little dry at certain parts, but picks right back up. It is entirely worth pushing through.

The book expresses an insanely scary, yet completely plausible future of the world, or more likely certain places. Some places around the world share many similar core values with the world of 1984, which furthermore helps strengthen the fearful possibility. 1984 is a great fusion of non-fiction, history, futurism, and fiction in a dystopian world ruled by people who quite literally want nothing more than power, pure, unadulterated power. They will do anything to get it, and do anything to keep it. This is all done in a fictional world, but sometimes it really feels like you're reading non-fiction, due to how completely possible the world created is. Many values shown in the book, you hear and see about everyday in many aspects, especially politically. Some places in the world share similar structure and values to that of the powerful system in 1984. It strikes fear in the reader due to the relate-ability, and possibilities presented within the world of 1984. Furthermore, despite this book being written in 1949, and feels even more relevant now than ever before.