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Just a bitty reader. Prefer fantasy and sci-fi. I have a penchant for faeries, but not your fae, I'm sure.

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C. J. Cherryh: Foreigner (1994, DAW) 4 stars

Humans stranded on an alien world. Accepted by the aliens, until suddenly it was war. …

Extreme third person

4 stars

Pretty amazing world building but... Yes there is always a gotcha... The author says she writes in "extreme 3rd person". What this means is it is one continuous stream of the main character's inner thoughts. No real break. It is different. Stream of conciousness at it's worst/finest. Yes there is dialog. Yes there is strong world building. Can it get repetative? Well do YOU ever go over stuff in YOUR brain? At any rate a good book and a better series (22 books to date I believe).