reviewed Fables by Bill Willingham (Fables Compendium #1)

Bill Willingham: Fables (Paperback, 2020, DC Comics) 4 stars

When a savage creature, known only as the Adversary, conquered the fabled lands of legends …

Things happen one after another

3 stars

I was always recommended Fables when I talked about how much I liked The Sandman.

This isn’t a grand story about the power of story or a new perspective on old tales. It’s a lot of stories with the names of characters you’ve heard of before.

The characters are only loosely connected to their sources and they change abilities and temperament to suit the plot of the week.

We learn nothing, we don’t grow while reading it and one thing just sort of happens after another. There are real risks and losses though! The author doesn’t wiggle out of death or consequences, which gives some stakes to the conflicts.

I would not recommend this to someone who says they loved The Sandman.