The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (The Complete Classics) (2007, Naxos Audiobooks) 4 stars

Japan’s most highly regarded novelist now vaults into the first ranks of international fiction writers …

Absolute Perfection.

5 stars

I am vaguely new to listening to audiobooks and just reading in general so my thoughts are not backed by much experience but from the few books that I have listened to and read in the past, this is by fast the best.

The narrators voice is incredibly soothing and calm while pronouncing every word with impeccable accuracy this makes the experiencing much easier when compared to some other narrators whose voice you have to pay an extreme amount of attention to so that you can understand the words being read.

The story is amazing and creates such a beautiful and clear view in the listeners mind as to what the world surrounding our characters is like. It's the kind of descriptions that takes a location and turns it into a character.

This book is simply incredible. The story, the characters, the beautifully described locations from 'enveloping moonlight' to the …