"The industry provocateur behind such companies as Twitter and a nascent Facebook presents an irreverent …

Review of 'Chaos monkeys' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Well written insider's account. In 2018, some of the things you read about have an unintended double meaning, in light of Facebook's complete takeover by hostile interests in the 2016 election. "Move Fast and Break Things" is fine when we are talking about some unimportant ads from a Fortune 500 advertiser; it has a totally different implication when we realize how Martinez's technology was used to subvert an election.

One of the saddest quotes was when, talking about some product decision at Facebook, he intoned (something like) "you can either be someone, or do something", and his version of taking a stand was about ... some new way of selling advertising.

Perhaps that is why he now lives on a houseboat in the Pacific Northwest. Exploring his transition out of Silicon Valley would be a more interesting, not too mention open and honest book; instead we have thrown-off remarks about how he fathered two children and didn't take much interest in their lives.