Hyperion (Paperback, 1990, Bantam Books) 4 stars

Hyperion is the tale of seven people who make a pilgrimmage to a terrifying creature …

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5 stars

1) ''Fedmahn Kassad had grown up in a culture of poverty and sudden death. As a member of the minority who still called themselves Palestinians, he and his family had lived in the slums of Tharsis, human testimony to the bitter legacy of the terminally dispossessed. Every Palestinian in the Worldweb and beyond carried the cultural memory of a century of struggle capped by a month of nationalist triumph before the Nuclear Jihad of 2038 wiped it all away. Then came their second Diaspora, this one lasting five centuries and leading to dead-end desert worlds like Mars, their dream buried with the death of Old Earth.''

2) ''In the beginning was the Word. Then came the fucking word processor. Then came the thought processor. Then came the death of literature. And so it goes.''

3)''And after the good-night story, and the lullaby, and the good-night kiss, sure that she was …