reviewed The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials, #3)

Philip Pullman: The Amber Spyglass (2003, Laurel Leaf) 4 stars

In the astonishing finale to the His Dark Materials trilogy, Lyra and Will are in …

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4 stars

Third book in the series. Still an amazing world - or should I say 'still amazing worlds'?
Mr Pullman did his best to create a fantastic set and I enjoyed most of it.

Most? (No spoilers but my own opinion follows, proceed at your own peril.)

Yes... the end of this one felt a bit 'forced', as if this book was more a battle of willpower than a bout of inspiration. Maybe I'm totally wrong but there you have it. My view.

Still kudos to the author for pulling off such an epic fantasy story.