Ben H. Winters: Underground airlines (2016) 4 stars

"It is the present-day, and the world is as we know it: smartphones, social networking …

Review of 'Underground airlines' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I'm not usually much of a fan of alt-history - it just isn't the kind of science fiction I enjoy most. But this was absolutely an exception to this rule. First, I think it probably is an interesting mix between literary fiction and alt-history - there are definitely literary elements to it. The character development of the main character in particular is stunningly well done.

He's complex, and layered, and all of that comes so clear as the story unfolds. There are a lot of surprises, and it's definitely a page turner.

It's also a fascinating look at what could have been, and, frankly, it's not so far-fetched. It has a way of highlighting our current difficulties with race, and region, and culture.

I would recommend this book absolutely for alt-history fans, and I would recommend this book to just about anyone who thinks about the history and culture of the United States.