Diamond Eye (2022, HarperCollins Publishers) 4 stars

Review of 'Diamond Eye' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Kate Quinn is good for writing strong-spirited women who played key roles in WWII, and this book is no exception. It's even more impressive because it's based on a real person. The reason I'm not giving it more stars: it has unnecessary romance that distracts from the plot and weakens the character. I'm fine with ONE relationship storyline to deepen the character, but when you have THREE, it starts to feel like a book that can't decide on a genre. In fact, if Eleanor Roosevelt weren't introduced as an unlikely and unrealistic confidant, I think this book would fail the Bechdel Test, despite being about a skilled woman sniper who bucked stereotypes.

All that said, it was still a fun read, in large part based on the storyline that unfolded in the United States, which allowed me brief visits to my old stomping grounds: 1600 Penn Ave, Rock Creek Park, Decatur Street, etc.