Review of 'Squire' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Squire was a really fun read that sadly gets pulled down by its rushed, simple ending. The characters are really fun but a lot of them were really shallow and just kind of there, you can really tell the story centers around 3 characters and everyone else is here so they don't get lonely.

It's a good read that's perfect for younger people. If you're older though, don't expect something deep or very realistic.

You're telling me they easily convinced a racist training regiment to risk their lives and commit treason for one person they don't know, with evidence stacked against them? I can understand Aiza's friends joining in, but it's pretty ridiculous that it worked, AND the army is nowhere to be seen, AND they won the battle, AND they portrayed this as a happy ending where they will continue to try and change the world as if every single person involved won't get executed for treason as soon as the army arrives. I know this is a YA book, but I expected something better.

Also I really need to make a counter for the cliche of "main villain dying from environmental causes while fighting protagonist, hence absolving the protagonist of any responsibility". Has to be one of my favorite cliches.