Descender Volume 4: Orbital Mechanics (2017) 4 stars

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2 stars

The story has potential but the dialogue is abysmal and the characters are cardboard boxes. I expected way more from Jeff Lemire but this series makes it look like he doesn't know how to write. Also, for a sci-fi series based around robots, it feels like he has no idea how robots even work.

There are tons of plotholes and inconsistencies, why can't they just remove TIM's memory? Why is every robot self aware, including basic ones like driller bots? Why did quon equip a caretaker bot with a giant plasma cannon? Why did the UGC guy send literally TWO PEOPLE to do such an important, potentially world-saving mission? (One of which, Telsa, is utterly incompetent and doesn't want to send for reinforcements because... "Dad will overreact"?)

Just mediocre writing all around. I would drop the series but I'm close to the end so I might as well see how …