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Content warning UK/Scot poltiics - gender identity

Content warning ukpol - sickness benefit

Looks like Fedified has a competitor at doing a similar thing. Run by some FT journo, trying to be a centralzied gate-keeper verifying who counts as a "".

I would caution journalists against using such a service, which will surely be turned into a block-list.

If you want to prove you work for a journal or newspaper or television show or whatever, that journal/show/newspaper needs to link to your profile and then you can get your precious green check.

A centralzied gate-keeper will not and should not work here.

New Pinned twee-thread over on the other place:


Networks should not have owners.

You can find me at

I want to read your status updates! But Facebook and Twitter etc. will not forward them to me. They give me adverts and influencer-posts and anger and hate instead.

Let me know where I can find you.


There is no such thing as a private message on a social network. You can get private messages from Signal or other E2E, you can not get them from a social network.

Elon can now read your Twitter "DM" messages.

And someone just like him always could.

Even worse: Their robots always have been.

Google's robots have been reading your email since you got a gmail address.

Zuck can read every word you ever posted on FB.

He can't read your Whatsapp messages, but he does know who you sent them …

I once had a dream like this. A ball game played by players attached to helium balloons in balance so flapping wings could make you fly around the warehouse pitch.

Upon waking i calculated the needed amount of helium and figured the game impossible coz the balloons would be too big.

And i think that's true still. Couldn't really play a ball game with balloons this big.

Would still be a cool time though. Flapping about. Perhaps one day the ball game can be played with smaller balloons on the moon.

Can we just note how much the USA is provoking China with all their warships sailing through the Taiwan straits so that when the war starts later this month we won't fall into the trap of saying it's unprovoked?


"The Biden administration is vowing to continue sailing warships through the Taiwan Strait and to conduct air operations in the region in response to Chinese military drills that U.S. officials say are evolving into a long-term strategy of heightened military pressure on the island."

"Within a few weeks, officials said, the U.S. Navy is planning to run ships through the Taiwan Strait, ignoring China’s recent claim that it controls the entire waterway. "

According to this primateologist on the Mindscape podcast, apes and chimps etc have:

* emotions

* empathy

* politics

* cooperation

* altruism

* homosexual behaviour

* gender behavior differences

* socialization into gender roles

* gender non-conformity

* ingroup/outgroup discrimination

* sense of justice/fairness

But they don't have:

* racism (outgroup is more like gang affiliation than skin colour or genetics)

* homophobia

* social punishment of gender non-conformity

So it seems that in fact being gay or queer or transsexual is perfectly natural but being homophobic or transphobic or racist is against the natural order of things.

Apes need a sense of fairness and sharing and equity in order to have cooperative behaviour. If one group or individual hoards, so the sharing stops, then equity fails and cooperation breaks down and society collapses.

Females helping each other against overly aggressive males can make monkey society calmer and less …