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It's me, wynkenhimself! Most of my booklist is still over at and maybe I'll import it someday, but I'm trying to primarily post over here now. I pretty much only list the fun reads I do here, and the Bookish Book Club ones, but maybe I'll do a better job of tracking my work reading too. Remember: if you don't like a book, you can stop reading it!!

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Mistakes Were Made (Paperback, 2022, St. Martin's Griffin) 4 stars

When Cassie Klein goes to an off-campus bar to escape her school’s Family Weekend, she …

Fun but oogey

4 stars

I read it and I enjoyed it but I also judged it hard. Power play can be a fun dynamic but actually fucking your daughter’s best friend while they’re in your house and without telling your kid is just wrong. But you might feel differently if you don’t have young adult kids.

The Cartographers (Paperback, 2021, HarperLuxe) 3 stars

nothing about this is right

2 stars

I’ve already hooted and hollered about the many ridiculous things the book gets wrong about libraries and academia and I won’t rehash (although ffs if you’re going to write a book revolving around these key details, why wouldn’t you think you need to actually learn about them?!). But even beyond that, this just doesn’t work. Like, the premise of why the murderer wants to do the murdering? Nonsensical. I stand by my appreciation of the romance plot. And I do like the idea of magical maps etc etc. But those are the only reasons this isn’t a one-star review.

The Cartographers (Paperback, 2021, HarperLuxe) 3 stars

Last night’s weirdness: apparently these PhD students convinced their department chair to accept their group project and provide funding and then they graduated before they had actually begun the project??!! I am trying to focus on the big-picture weirdnesses, not the typical misunderstanding of boring academic and library procedures, but what?&?&?!!! What are we supposed to imagine they got their PhDs for if not actual research?! (I am complaining but also I am having fun and I am into the romance anxieties actually)

The Cartographers (Paperback, 2021, HarperLuxe) 3 stars

last night’s jaw drop among other things: a private company was hired to scan everything in the map library with a snap of a finger (lollll) and they plan to attach “micro RFIDs” to EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the map collection!!!!! Can’t wait to see what tonight’s jaw drop will be 😱

Old Books and New Histories (Hardcover, 2006, University of Toronto Press) 5 stars

A+ disciplinary situatedness

5 stars

Rereading this as teaching prep and rediscovering how much I love this book. It was just about the first thing I read as a budding book historian to help me think about what the field might be. And returning to those questions today from a position of much greater familiarity with book history, I’m struck by how nuanced and yet available to newcomers Howsam is (and now that I know Leslie, it’s no surprise—she and her work are like that!). Anyways, if you’re looking to get a sense of why and what book history might be, this will be tremendously helpful.