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I often get lost in an endless recursion: one book points me to another which points me to another... Since this usually happens somewhere in the middle of a book, I really struggle to finish them. I hope that tracking my reading and taking notes helps me to stay focused a bit more.

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Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City (2016) 4 stars

Review: Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City

4 stars

Provides a brief introduction into the current agricultural paradigm under capitalism from a perspective of systems theory. The book discusses the various problems that arise from this mode of operation and highlights possible solutions. It is remarkable how many interrelated topics (mainstream farming, climate crisis, food sovereignty, self-organization, urban agriculture) are treated on less than 200 pages. What really makes it a pleasant read is that the potential solutions such as small-scale urban farming etc. are critically analyzed with regard to a possible co-optation by neo-liberal capitalism and gentrification. I agree with you. I also felt that he is too much defending his narrow point of view rather than analyzing the topic. Personally, I always recommend "Languages of the Unheard" by Stephen D'Arcy as a more principled discussion about militant protest in general and maybe "How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire" by Andreas Malm as a more polemic reading.

Wasser und Zeit (2020, Insel Verlag) 5 stars

In Island schmelzen die Gletscher, der Meeresspiegel steigt. Unsere Kinder werden, anders als Andri Snær …

Eine spannende Erzählung über die Wahrnehmung von Zeit und die Sprache des Klimawandels

5 stars

In diesem Buch wird die Dringlichkeit der Klimakrise anhand einer autobiografischen Erzählung aufgezeigt. Sehr spannend ist die Darstellung der Zeit. Die Zeitspanne mit der ein Mensch in Verbindung steht ist hier nicht nur die persönliche Lebenszeit, sondern auch die der direkten Vorfahren und Nachkommen. Durch diese Perspektive werden die klimatischen Veränderungen im Leben des Autors viel sichtbarer.