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Review of 'Lankavatara sutra' on Goodreads

5 stars

The Lankavatara Sutra is an investigation into reality as we perceive it. The Sutra attempts to point to an ultimate reality (bhutakoti) from within our perceived reality. Many who read this book will get caught on the thing doing the pointing (the sutra) and not the thing itself (bhutakoti) because the text is attempting to describe an ungraspable and unteachable thing.

The evasiveness of the concept makes the Sutra a necessarily difficult read. I do not believe it is a good place to start for curious philosophers or nascent Buddhists. However, it offers a tremendous amount for the prepared mind and Red Pine's footnotes are invaluable.

Neither the Sutra nor the translator are afraid of repeating themselves. This was tremendously helpful for me. For example, consider the attributes of knowledge - how learning changes the way we act and think. The Lankavatara Sutra claims that fully embodying the Dharma has …