Review of 'Way of Effortless Mindfulness' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I had practiced conventional breath-based meditation, which the author calls "deliberate mindfulness meditation", for several years before reading this book. I had made progress using the deliberate method, but I was able to rapidly achieve much more using the effortless mindfulness method advocated here. Perhaps the conventional approach is adequate for many people, but in my case it was only partially effective and somewhat cumbersome, requiring very frequent reintervention of the witness part of oneself.

I seldom read a book more than once, but after the first reading and doing the "glimpses" I put it aside and came to realize that I carried with me a new spacious awareness much of the time and belatedly realized it was due to doing the glimpses. I went back and reread it twice to fine-tune my awareness, insuring that it was based on compassion too. The method is not difficult to follow and …