Midnight Riot (2011, Del Rey) 4 stars

Probationary Constable Peter Grant dreams of being a detective in London's Metropolitan Police. Too bad …

Review of 'Midnight Riot' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

The audiobook production was fantastic. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith was amazing. He not only captured Peter Grant's internal voice, he magnificently portrayed the varied cast of characters. He was so brilliant I'm not sure I can't not listen to the rest of the series in audiobook.

The premise of this book, a police officer who learns about the supernatural and joins the secret branch of the police that deals with all things magic, etc. (of which, including him, there are two individuals) is intriguing. But the execution is where the book shines. For one, it's funny, and that's no mean feat. Peter is snarky as hell and I love it.

And the plot has a couple different threads that both give the reader a crash course in this world Aaronovitch has created, while moving things along at a nice clip.

Now, on to the problematic aspects. For one, this book more or less fails the Bechdel test, which is kind of appalling considering there are a number of strong female characters (though to be fair, one of those characters doesn't speak).

Also, Peter Grant's internal narrative was very much a horny guy. I could have done with a bit less musings on how he was attracted to Lesley or Beverly, or observations on women's bustlines or cleavages.

Usually, that would have annoyed me much more than it did. I can't decide if it was the excellent narration or the fact that the characterization of Peter was good enough that I didn't feel it detracted from him.