Randall Munroe: What If? 2 (Hardcover, 2022, Riverhead Books) 5 stars

The #1 New York Times–bestselling author of What If? and How To provides his best …

Hilariously entertaining collection of scientific answers to hypothetical questions

5 stars

A hilariously entertaining book that sets out to do what it says. People send in absurd, hypothetical questions, and the author seriously tries to answer them using what science knows about how the world works.

The result is a popular science book that entertains, yet educates, and makes you think about how the world could work if situations in the questions could really come about.

The author is, of course, careful to put disclaimers at various points of the book, telling the readers to absolutely, definitely, not to try out some of the answers for real. Doing so would probably get the reader in trouble with the law, lose his life, destroy the earth or the universe, or all of the above.