A Psalm for the Wild-Built (EBook, 2021, Tom Doherty Associates) 5 stars

It’s been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; …

A monk sets out to find themselves, meets a sentient robot, and goes on a voyage of discovery.

3 stars

An interesting, character driven story that starts with a monk that is dissatisfied with the way their (singular they) life is and goes on a voyage of exploration as a tea monk, serving various kinds of teas they has selected to people who just need to unwind.

But even this proves not to be enough to quell the unease in the monk, and they go on a journey to visit an abandoned place in what would be the wild part of the moon the monk inhabits. On the journey, they would encounter the first sentient robot (the robots left for the wild woods after gaining sentience) to be seen by man for many years, who is also on a journey to find out what people need.

In their journey together, they would converse on the nature of man and robot, their desires and curiosity about each other and the world …