Lindy West: The Witches Are Coming (2019, Hachette Books) 4 stars

The Witches Are Coming

4 stars

This book is full of righteous anger coated in wit and sprinkled with humorous anecdotes.

For example the famous bit about the trumpet (which I quoted earlier starts a chapter about how a musical instrument exchange group on Facebook had to deal with a group of unruly racists.

The "Witches" in the title are, of course, feminists. If you consider yourself one or would like to this book is definitely worth a read. Probably even more so if you don't.

There was one thing that nagged at me as I was reading. This book was written in 2019. Before COVID, the 2020 election, the insurrection at the Capital. There's a lot of stuff about how Trump is terrible and enabling all sorts of evil stuff and the whole time I kept thinking to myself "sister, you have no idea..."