Eleanor Bardilac: Knochenblumen welken nicht (Paperback, German language, 2021, Knaur Taschenbuch) 3 stars

»Knochenblumen welken nicht« ist ein orgineller und sympathischer Fantasyroman in einem Setting, das an Wien …

Review of 'Knochenblumen welken nicht' on 'Goodreads'

1 star

Not for me. Neither the writing, nor the characters were particularly enjoyable. The writing was rather juvenile and the characters didn't quite feel real or deep. This book contains the trope of people with magical abilities being (kind of) oppressed, which I always find silly. People with magic will always rule everybody else or at the very least be an integral part of society, just because of their powers. And if they don't the author doesn't quite understand how reality works. I know, silly to complain about reality in a fantasy setting. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine.