The Deed of Paksenarrion revolves around the life of Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter, known as Paks. It …

Review of 'The Deed of Paksenarrion (Books 1-3)' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

Spoilers ahead in the Book 3 review part.

Perfection at its best! Never too much or too little and never boring. A story well written and one of my absolute faveourites.

BOOK 1: 5.1
Wow! Jawdroppingly well written. Detailed perfection. Sastifaction. Wow!

BOOK 2: 4.8

Also jawdroppingly well written. Although it has a lot of mispelled words, even missing words, its a magnificent book. But that is the editors fault and not the author's. A few things, if u are a sensitive person, you wish were more elaborated on and explained at the time of the occurence, but you find out later on in a wave of the hand matter of way thats well performed, so you end up sastified anyway.

BOOK 3: 4.7 *

As the first 2, the last book is also a work of perfection. Although this one is highly predictable, and has many wording errors, its a journey you will love to be on.
The only thing that I didnt like, from a personal view, is the fact that you never find out what happened to her first horse Socks later on in the story. She saves him from cruelty and fear, and helps him to learn to trust humans again. They were finally a team, he had finally learned to trust her and love her, and they ride well together. But after her incident she could never get up on him again and was afraid. Then later when she is back to herself again and rides the Red Horse, you kind of expect, and hope, that she will eventaully return to him, if nothing else then to make sure he is happy and well. Yet you hear nothing at all about him after the Red Horse arives. Disapointing, and you're left hanging wondering about that, and a little hurt!

The ending, while its predictable, is superb and leaves you with a warm happy feeling. But it also leaves you hanging a little as to the fate of the Company. I expected her to take over and run the Company, but you never really find out what happened to it, other than logical gueswork and from previous hints. I wish she had added a few more pages telling the fate of those 2 things. That would have made it a sure 5 * for me!
It is still as well written as the first 2, and exiting to the very last page! No cliffhangers, yet you wish there was just a little bit more.

These books are original in everything from the names of people and things, to the story itself.
Its not a Tolkien copy, but it does have many of the same backgrounds (elves, orcs etc) and you can link to that other world. But its NOT a copycat story like many fear, this is completely her own take on that era, and with a whole other theme.
The amount of details of war torture gods and rightness is incredibly well written. I am not a fan of war and god stories, but this is something worth reading even if you're not religious and hate war and soldiery stuff.
Its unique and detailed to perfection, without there being too much clutter.
She has taken a world we all love and made it completely her own.
If you loved LotR these books is a must read.

I highly recommend any fantasy fans to read this classic, expecially women. Its a huge volume, but after about 10 pages you dont notice what page you're on anymore.