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Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian (2015, Vintage) 1 star

It’s not good

1 star

The plot and characters have major problems and I’m sure others have been saying this for years. I can guess that seeing the male character’s backstory can give more complexity, but it also implies kinky people must have some tragic backstory to make them that way.

It’s so many pages with so little going on. There are so many emails. There’s so much description of the meetings and emails about this one corporate project that doesn’t even pay off.

Also: The smut isn’t kinky and it’s repetitive.

Third Culture Kids (2001, Nicholas Brealey Publishing) 5 stars

Life changing

5 stars

I first began to read this book in 2017 and only finished it today.

A lot of it was an awakening: oh, I’m not alone, there’s a name for so much of what my life experience has been, and there are others like me.

It took me 5 years to finish this book because it has been an emotionally complicated journey. This book was teaching me things about myself and I didn’t have the bandwidth to take it all in. I read a chapter here and there, sometimes going an entire year or two in between, while I dealt with more urgent emotional bridges to cross.

If you are an immigrant of any kind, or you ever have the experience of code switching, or having to straddle multiple cultures, I highly recommend this book. Most of it is quite extreme and may not apply to you, but I guarantee you’ll …

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@cblgh I’ve read it! It was really long but a fun intro to a ton of concepts in the rationalist ways of thinking. It can be a little smart-alecky and annoying at first but it morphs into taking the world building, plot, and characters much more seriously. The world felt more well thought out than in the real books. After a certain point, I felt a stronger connection to the characters in this than the ones in the real HP books 5-7.