Factfulness (Hardcover, 2018, SCEPTRE) 4 stars

It turns out that the world, for all its imperfections, is in a much better …

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5 stars

Why did I not read this book earlier? It is a great book if you read too much news :)
I have known some statistics about our world before (it is not so bad as you might think), but it was still very useful book. I think that the most useful thing for me was that I started looking at other countries differently. There is no such thing as "western", "developed", or "developing" countries. We humans love to split almost everything into two groups: bad and good, developed and developing, etc. But, this leads to unnecessary bias. It was a good instinct 5000 years ago, but not today.
Remember that in news you almost always will find extreme cases; it is not a majority. Remember to look at data, be aware of averages, do not extrapolate everything linearly, do not blame, just find root cause and expect bad news. It …