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Here's something I've learned from 20 odd years in the :
A functional society costs money. If you don't spend that money, you pay in human misery.

So you can pay now, through , or you can pay later through or charity or again through tax - but paying now will always be cheaper in the long run. It's not it's

This applies to most things but right now I'm thinking about

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Boss made a dollar
Grandad made a dime
But that was a poem
From a simpler time

Boss made a thousand
Gave my pa a cent
But that penny bought a mortgage
Or at least it paid the rent

Now boss makes a million
And gives us jack
Smugly blames his workers
For the labor that he lacks

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$44B is actually a small price to pay to destroy the platform used to organize labor unions at Starbucks, Amazon, and other companies with a combined market cap over a TRILLION dollars. The timing is definitely not an accident.

The lesbian identity has a connotation of rejecting men. (Which is absurd, of course, because there’s only a rejection if the default assumption is that men are entitled to women. But patriarchy’s gonna patriarchy. 🤷🏻) Still, I wonder if this cultural connotation is reason that so many trans women gravitate towards this identity, even if women aren’t the only people they’re attracted to? The implicit rejection of men & masculinity faces inwards as well as outwards, to self as well as partners.

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The federal , or any government really, is part shared services organization, and part boot on your neck.

But every agency has part of each too. Parks preserve the environment, but rangers are LEOs who sometimes prevent indigenous management of land. The post office is public transit for stuff, but also treats its workers badly and encourages paper waste for ads.

Separating these functions is part of the work of .

A very loud dot matrix printer against the back wall of my office, mindlessly memorializing every post from someone I follow. Images rendered into greyscale dithered art.

Voraciously pulling a continuous folded sheet from a file box, streaming a physical fediverse down past the shelves. A tiny QR code next to each post in case I ever want to interact.

Just a world of ephemerality made material: the whirr and buzz alerting me to changes; the depth of the paper evidence of activity.

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Content warning Gun control/mental illness

James Hoffmann’s YouTube channel was incredibly helpful. Great guidance about what to try, what to tweak, and what to avoid. I think his experience let me go from zero to good coffee much faster than I ever could have otherwise — and definitely let me avoid exhausting & expensive mistakes. Thanks James, I *am* having a great day.

Also, huge shoutout to my sister Heloise for showing me the Correct™ milk substitute for coffee. It’s Oatly: doesn’t add any excess bitterness, no flakiness or separation, and none of the gumminess some other substitutes introduce.

If you’re in NYC, you should go see Heloise in The Rat Trap. According to the Times Square Chronicles, she almost steals the show!