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A maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

Black Lives Matter. Reparations and Land Back. Trans Rights are Human Rights.

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Content warning racial & reproductive justice in the US, how to help

Content warning Dracula Daily, Lucy's second letter, mild spoilers

It's Sunday May 22, and it's almost time for the Fiber Arts Zoom Meetup!

PDT 10am-noon; EST 1pm-3pm; UTC 1800-2000

Chat with Fedi friends while working on your embroidery, quilting, crochet, mending, knitting, macrame, weaving, felting, spinning, etc. (Other arts, crafts, and repairs are welcome too.) No need to be punctual or stay for the whole thing. See you soon!


& & readers, here's another of these:

"Letters from Watson will let you read through the entirety of the Sherlock Holmes short stories over the course of one year via bitesize emails... Emails will begin January 1st 2023. I’ve chosen this date to avoid conflicting with other ‘daily email literature’ projects, and because it is the date when all Sherlock Holmes stories will be in the public domain in the US for the first time!"

what if you want to start a stitch & bitch group, but you hate the phrase "stitch & bitch"? is there an alternate cute name for yarncraft socials? or, y'all are so good at clever puns, maybe you can come up with a better one?

reminder to those not watching Eurovision that you can improve the quality of your timeline today by either muting the word, or just temporarily silencing the people who have a lot to say about it right now 💚

Content warning Dracula Daily, May 11 question