Ink Black Heart (2022, Little Brown & Company) 4 stars

Ink Black Heart

4 stars

New adventure with Robin and Cormoran! I enjoy this series - I like the switch between protagonists - Robin and Strike. I'm actually not really into the whole 'will they- won't they' thing - I just enjoy how awesome Robin has grown and how their business is FINALLY thriving. I do wish Strike would take care of himself though. The mystery takes a while to get in. I think if you don't know much about the internet, you may have a hard time following along some of the story. A woman comes and meets Robin, the firm is swamped and Robin is unable to help. Later, the woman dies and the firm gets hired, to find out the same thing the woman came in and more. There's a lot of talk about internet, chat-style speaking, online vernacular, etc. CW: abuse, pedophilia, murder. I found it all very interesting. The book is HUGE (I first had a hard cover, but it was too unwieldy - then I got an e-book). Although, I will say, the end (ironically because it's such a long book), felt rushed. I like the character development, the way they solve things and how the agency works.