Dreadnought (2017, Diversion Publishing) 4 stars

What happens when a trans* girl who is not out to her family accidentally inherits …

Review of 'Dreadnought' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Much of the annoyance I had with this had to do with the fairly heavy handed opening, feeling in places as though the lead had been reduced to a cipher. But, it got better as it went along, and by the end while some of the style of writing wasn't my speed, the character building solidified nicely indeed.

Standard supers genre annoyance with dubiously consistent physics and geometries, including a pretty crucial endgame moment of, "Guys, that's not how physics works, and that's not a supers issue."

Bloody fabulous take on body adaptation, however - and the beginnings of one of the more fascinating approaches to, "This power has these elements," Which I'm really looking forward to more detail on.

Ditto some early clunky dialogue, but that too shaped up nicely by mid-book, and by the end character was driving things nicely. I fully expect to be blown away by book two