Education Forward (2017, Crux Publishing)
1 star

Corporate nonsense ruins education. Always.

1 star

This book is incredibly annoying. For all the times they say that educators are involved, one educator is involved twice and another two (maybe three) people who have actually been in educational facilities exist.

Mostly, this is a book for non-education professionals BY non-education professionals. I'm not against this on principle, but I find it condescending to assume that people who really aren't in schools on a regular basis have any real knowledge about problems IN schools. Teachers should've been centered more often than they were.

Robots, on the other hand, should've bee LESS centered.

Here's a run-down of a longer review I did elsewhere:

This book likes to pretend that it has a lot of different goals and topics to discuss, but it doesn’t. It starts off claiming that we are “implementing ‘strict discipline procedures’” but then complaining about how we won’t let children have gum in the classroom …