Sheepfarmer's Daughter (2000, Baen) 3 stars

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2 stars

I am not impressed. While I have often issues with the language this time it's complicated. I enjoyed this book up until Paks' training is finished. After that I had to force myself to finish reading the book. About 70% of the book are about the various campaigns and battles. All the characters - including Paks herself - remain flat and lifeless. I don't really care what happens to them. There are hints throughout the book that there is more to Paks than meets the eye but until the end it's all just hints. My favorite chapter was the one about Cal and the Honeycat towards the end. There is next to no character development. The settings lacks detail. The antagonist remains a faceless evil man whose motivations and personality never play a role.

The story starts out with much potential but I am not willing to try to read the sequel after having lost interest around page 200 of the first book.

If I wanted soldiers and war, battles and campaigns I'd read Malazan again.