Anonymous: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (AudiobookFormat, 2017, Blackstone Audiobooks, Blackstone Audio, Inc.) 4 stars

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3 stars

Armitage/Wallace audiobook review. I did not realize that this had both the Armitage and original-language versions of the audiobook. I saw the 2021 film last week and was inspired to read the book. As Gawain was in the green chapel, I kept wondering what else could happen in the story, being less than halfway through. And then it concluded and Bill Wallace started the 2nd half of the book in an incomprehensible tongue - I did not finish that half, since it would require some language training.

As for the story, it was more straightforward than the film. There was a lot of hunting in the middle of the story that did not interest me, but the overall quest and poetry was enjoyable to hear.